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Research Reveals Caffeine’s Perks

health benefits of caffeine

By Shannan Lynch, PhD, CSCS, HFS, CISSN This article presents new research that challenges previous notions about caffeine; shedding light on some of its benefits and helping us better understand how caffeine affects us. Caffeine is the world’s most consumed stimulant — and I’m among those who partake of it. Openly, I admit, I drank two cups by the time ... Read More »

Stacey Davis, Spinning® Master Instructor | AL, USA

Stacey Davis, Spinning Master Instructor since 2011 | Helena, Alabama, USA

What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor? The Spinning program is different from other group fitness classes I have taught—it was so intrinsic and immediate. I loved the way my legs and heart felt so strong during my time on the bike. I started to discover my mental toughness and ability to focus ... Read More »

Pedal for Prevention: Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Spinning Nation and the American Heart Association Help Prevent Heart Disease

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES Earn 1 SPIN® CEC and take the newsletter quiz! Being more physically active slows the aging process and benefits your heart and your health. In addition to the physical changes you see, a healthy exercise program results in beneficial physiological changes that occur at a microscopic level inside your body. You can fight the aging ... Read More »

The Science of Optimal Cycling Cadence

Spinning Instructor News and Resources

By Ralph Mlady, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ohio Cycling cadence (cadence) refers to the number of times a bike rider turns the cranks per minute, also known as revolutions per minute (RPM). Cadence is one of the variables that can be used to manipulate intensity. When combined with proper resistance, cadence can also manipulate the efficiency of the rider’s pedal stroke. As ... Read More »

Pedro Alarcón, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ecuador

Spinning® Master Instructor Team from more than 80 countries including South America, the United States, German, England, India, Japan, Russia

Becoming a member of the Spinning® Master Instructor team was a natural progression for a lifelong athlete and someone passionate about being a great instructor and mentor. His athletic accomplishments include positions in minor soccer divisions and national swimming records, and Pedro represented his country in international competitions as a member of the national Kayak team. Pedro is a comepetitive ... Read More »

The Science Behind Motivating Your Spinning® Classes

How to Keep Motivating Your Students

By June Chu, Certified Spinning® Instructor | New Hampshire, United States Motivation has been well studied and well researched by psychologists and still, as a fitness professional and a psychologist myself, I struggle to teach my students this important life skill. Why Locus of Control is Important A distinction made in the field of psychology, as it pertains to motivation, ... Read More »

Marketing Your Spinning® Program

Marketing Your Spinning Program: For Certified Spinning Instructors and Official Spinning Facilities

By Polona Gosar Rankovic, Spinning® Master Instructor | Slovenia Running a Spinning Program as a part of a facility is serious business. Preparing a yearlong, 52-week business plan can help you be successful. Here are some things to consider when putting your ideas to paper. Do you really know why your members return to your facility? Do you have a ... Read More »

Warming Up for a Great Workout


By June Chu, Certified Spinning® Instructor | New Hampshire, United States Think back to grade school and physical education class—you pretty much always started out with a warm-up, right? Your teacher wanted to get blood flowing to your muscles and introduce skills you’d use in the day’s class. A warm-up in Spinning® class is equally necessary—it helps prepare us for the ride ... Read More »