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Stacey Davis, Spinning® Master Instructor | AL, USA

Stacey Davis, Spinning Master Instructor since 2011 | Helena, Alabama, USA

What inspired you to become a Certified Spinning® Instructor and then a Master Instructor? The Spinning program is different from other group fitness classes I have taught—it was so intrinsic and immediate. I loved the way my legs and heart felt so strong during my time on the bike. I started to discover my mental toughness and ability to focus ... Read More »

Hey SoCal: YAS is Looking for Spinning® Yogi’s to Join the Team


With locations in Venice, Silverlake, Downtown LA and East Costa Mesa — YAS Fitness Centers is searching for talented certified Spinning® and Yoga instructors to join our team! YAS was just featured in the March issue of Los Angeles Magazine and named one of the top Spinning® studios in the city. Here’s the Deal: FULL SCHOLASHIPS ($1750 value) for the next ... Read More »

Iain McKendry, Certified Spinning® Instructor

Josh Taylor, International Spinning® Master Instructor, and Iian McKendry, Certified Spinning® Instructor

It’s special when you meet someone in life who truly inspires you, and the Spinning® community is fortunate to know Iain McKendry. We all met Iain at the 2013 World Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference (WSSC). At Spinning headquarters, we often hear amazing stories about ways Spinning has transformed lives. But to learn that someone who doctors thought would never ... Read More »

Janine Mongardini, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ecuador

Janine and Spinning® Master Instructors

Janine has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. She opened her own official Spinning® Facility and gym in Ecuador in the mid-1990s. She organizes fitness events and coordinates official Spinning trainings and workshops, helping to grow the Spinning Program in her country and train a new generation of Certified Spinning Instructors.     If you want ... Read More »

Danielle Foster, Spinning® Master Instructor | Ohio, United States

Danielle Foster, Spinning® Master Instructor from Ohio

A road and mountain bike racer, adventure racer and triathlete, Danielle has lead cycling-specific continuing education for more than two decades, teaching at various conferences, clubs and performance centers across the US and Europe. As a member of the Spinning® Master Instructor team, she has trained thousands of instructors and is helping to pave the way for the next generation ... Read More »

Reclaiming My Life, One Pedal Stroke At A Time

Cori Parks, Spinning® Master Instructor, On Recovering from a Traumatic Injury

By Cori Parks On December 3, 2012, I was almost giddy, standing on the podium having taken third place for the women’s 100k-bike race around Cambodia’s breathtaking Angkor Wat temples. Two weeks later, while riding my bike home after teaching a Spinning® class, a motorcycle sped through a red light. I never saw him coming and to this day, some eight ... Read More »

Rodrigo Vilches, Spinning® Master Instructor | Chile

Rodrigo Vilches Spinning Master Instructor 2

Rodrigo is a Master Instructor for the Spinning® Program, Educational Representative for the Spinning Program in Chile and an ACE certified Personal Trainer. He is also owner of Euphoria Project, a fitness and health events company. He is currently the director of the Spinning program at the Powerhouse Gym and teaches at Balthus Club, Santiago.   The main differences I ... Read More »