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Cesar Valera, Spinning<sup>®</sup> Master Instructor | Venezuela

Cesar Valera, Spinning® Master Instructor | Venezuela

Cesar Valera Spinning Master Instructor Venezuela 2Cesar is a professional long distance triathlete and shares his passion by coaching others. A member of the Spinning® Master Instructor team since 2000, he is also a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the SPINPower® program. He became a Spinning Instructor and MI because of the energy of the classes—his passion for the bicycle inspires him to help others.

Cesar loves teaching Spinning classes because of the connections he develops with his students. He relishes the opportunity to teach little things that can make huge changes in people’s lives, helping them to create and nurture a strong mind/body connection. Because of these experiences Cesar is always encouraging people to become Certified Spinning Instructors: “Go for it! Not only will you open yourself to great knowledge, but you also will become part of an amazing community. Your life will change for better for sure.” In addition to inspiring, others, Cesar says that his heroes are many of his fellow Master Instructors, who share a similar enthusiasm and passion for helping people and making a difference in their lives.

He teaches Spinning at Valle Arriba Athletic Club and is journalist at a major News Radio Station in Caracas, Venezuela. He is also a Certified Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach, and is certified by the International Triathlon Coaching Association and the International Coaching Community.

“I invite everybody to take Spinning Instructor Training. And if you want to go further and teach a class, that’s even better because you’re going to love it. There’s also an amazing group of Master Instructors, so you are not only going to get the knowledge, but you are going to part of a beautiful family—that’s the Spinning program around the world.”

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