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Marketing Your Spinning<sup>®</sup> Program

Marketing Your Spinning® Program

By Polona Gosar Rankovic, Spinning® Master Instructor | Slovenia

Running a Spinning Program as a part of a facility is serious business. Preparing a yearlong, 52-week business plan can help you be successful. Here are some things to consider when putting your ideas to paper.

  • Do you really know why your members return to your facility?
  • Do you have a plan to keep them coming back to Spinning® classes?
  • What do you want to be known for? This can range from a friendly front desk to unique class times throughout the day to supporting community events.
  • What will you market? Is it your instructors, your location, theme rides or something else that will differentiate you from other facilities?
  • Do you have a plan if another facility opens in the same neighborhood? It is always helpful to identify your strengths and work on any weaknesses at your facility on an ongoing basis.

Know Your Members’ Goals

Individuals come to fitness facilities with a variety of goals—many join with the hope of losing weight. Others join to become and stay fit, while still others enjoy the social aspect of group exercise. Your first goal should be to help your members achieve their goals. This will help assure that they stay loyal to your club.

When you focus on Spinning, use the five Spinning Energy Zones™. Consider incorporating these five types of training to offer diversity in intensity for your classes. One idea is to offer a two to three month rotation schedule. To do this, prepare an 8-12 week schedule and place it where members can see it. Describe in few words the purpose and intensity of the class. This way, members will know what they can expect from the class and mentally prepare. It is also important that your Spinning instructors be able to teach all five types of classes. By having a variety of instructors that can teach various classes, your clients will not choose classes by instructor and time, but by what their goals are and what the class offers.

Some other ideas include:

  • Special 90 or 120 minutes rides. These seem to be most popular after the summer holidays when people return from vacations and want to “jump start” their Spinning and fitness programs.
  • A video projection class, maybe with special guest.
  • Set up Race day as an event. Prepare prizes for all attendees and make it like a real “Race Day.”
  • A Spinning Marathon may appeal to your seasoned Spinning members. This can be as long as 2 ½-3 hours. Be sure you have the resources to help your riders stay hydrated and cool. This should be a class that only includes advanced Spinning members and it will be important for the instructor to monitor the class for fatigue and health issues.
  • Some members might be interested in a combination of Spinning and outdoor cycling training. For this event, your facility can organize a short outdoor ride. Use your Spinning instructors to set different level groups so that everybody can participate. It should not be too long of a ride, but should still offer a challenge. Partner with a local bike shop, so that those who do not have a proper bike can rent one. This will give them the opportunity to try outdoor cycling and can be great marketing for the bike shop.

Find Out What Motivates Your Members

If you want to keep your members coming back you need to motivate them. Remind them that short and intermediate goals will keep them motivated and help them achieve long-term goals. Intermediate goals help members stay on a path, check their progress and adjust their program as needed.

These programs require teamwork in your facility. Meet with your team and collect ideas, share responsibilities and set up a plan. The first year will be the most difficult but then it gets easier from there. After each event collects feedback so that you know what worked and what you need to fix next time.

Keep Members Engaged All Week Long

Finally, try to run some events on weekends. Consider promoting the event with goody bag, a T-shirt or even a medal. Local business may be willing to donate for the event. Besides motivating your members to train regularly these events are perfect for socializing, having fun and getting to know your members, which are all an important part of any fitness business. It is not only about training—we are in business of service and hospitality. Remembering this will help make your facility even more successful.

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