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Sandro Morelli, Spinning<sup>®</sup> Master Instructor | England

Sandro Morelli, Spinning® Master Instructor | England

Sandro Morelli Spinning® Master Instructor 2Sandro Morelli is a Spinning® Master Instructor, a Master Trainer for Humansport™, holds a cycling and triathlon coaching accreditation from the Swiss Cycling Federation and is a certified Tai Chi Chuan instructor. He has three decades of experience in the sports and fitness industries.

A former competitor in triathlon Olympic distance, active cross country mountain bike racer and road biker, Sandro is well known as a coach of cyclists and triathletes and is a specialist in metabolic assessment and blood lactate analysis.



One moment can change the entire rest of your life. If you have the passion, if you have the commitment, if you believe in what you are doing, and you experience that something is beneficial for you, I think that’s the start of a big, nice journey.

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