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A Simple Workout Changes Lives

Spinning® Love Stories:
A Simple Workout Changes Lives

By Spinning Enthusiasts

No matter how you first fell in love with the Spinning® program, the verdict is in: You all love Spinning as much as we do! Enjoy these touching and passionate Spinning stories!

I had always been in love with the open road for cycling but with my mother running a Spinning studio and two of my brothers being instructors, eventually I came around to make Spinning classes the base of my workouts. Instantly I was able to tone my whole body and increase my cardio endurance. My love for the Spinning program finally led to getting certified myself. What really led me to love Spinning happened this past summer. I was working as an instructor and was able to meet my girlfriend. It all started after the first class she took from me with a casual conversation about the effective use of heart rate monitors. For me it was love at first sight. From then on she was in every one of my classes and we mostly just talked about Spinning until I finally asked her out. We have been together for nine months and she has recently gotten certified as an instructor, taking over my position at the gym while I transition to active duty with the Marine Corps. Spinning continues to be a base in my cardio fitness but I will always love Spinning for helping me meet the love of my life.

— Michael H.

As a registered nurse with hundreds of hours of science behind me, I decided to exchange the “meds” for a more proactive approach. I became certified as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. My next step was my biggest and most influential step: taking a Spinning Instructor Training. Since I completed the training almost ten years ago, I have yet to find such a science-based exercise program that competes with Spinning.

Spinning has allowed me to plant a very enthusiastic overweight client in class, train a triathlete through a base/endurance program with an anaerobic performance ride, and include the ex-NFL-bound football player with tortured knees. Preparation for each class, linking the motivational music to the Energy Zone™ at hand, orchestrating my ride rhythm by rhythm from warm-up to cool down solidifies the reason I love Spinning. It is the room of smiles returned after each class, the sweat-soaked shirts, the overweight person that comes back again, or the second chance the football player gets to experience with a solid and safe workout. I love Spinning!

— Julia B.

The reason I first got involved with the Spinning program was because running was too hard on my ankle and knee that I had worn out from playing football.

Then I found the thrill of a Spinning class. Not only did it help my heart and strengthen my mind, but it also helped me lose more than 80 pounds! There is nothing like taking an hour away from the stresses of life and putting myself on the road… even though it is snowing outside. The people that I have met have been wonderful and very supporting. Spinning has changed my life and lifestyle. Now where is that mountain?

— Thomas C.


I’d just had a bunionectomy on both feet and could not run or teach group fitness (especially step) as I’d done for more than 20 years. Part of my rehab, however, did include cycling, as this would be a beneficial way to get my feet moving and adapting quickly.

I did not think I would enjoy it for a variety of assumptions, thinking that being in a dark room on a bike would be boring, and was proven so wrong. After the first class, I was hooked and will never be the same. The intensity of the workout and the ability to change up rhythms, gears and terrains made it a qualitatively different workout than any other I’ve experienced. In fact, it was so compelling that I got certified within one year, and now Spinning is the only regular class that I teach. I’m a believer! The Spinning program wlll change your metabolism….and your life!

— Diane B.

Why do I love the Spinning Program?  Because I can do it. Throughout my fitness journey I discovered:

  • Dancing is fun but dizziness is not. (I suffer from vertigo which affects balance.)
  • Running is excellent but my knees, hips and back complain…a lot.
  • Walking is a joy, just not intense enough sometimes.
  • Aerobics classes are awesome but coordination is required. (My DNA is missing the coordination gene.)

I want workouts that relieve stress, make me sweat, keep me interested, and provide enjoyment. What I don’t want is excessive joint pain or debilitating dizzy spells. I found the right combination in the Spinning program. With Spinning I can ride hard, push myself and feel a sense of accomplishment. Or, I can ride with a steady cadence, listen to the music and enjoy the ride. Each class is different and engages my mind as well as my physical body. I look forward to my Spinning classes and feel good afterward.

Why do I love the Spinning Program? Because I CAN DO IT! And so can you. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

— Nina S.

I received an email from a long-time member asking me to join the club’s Spinning class. He said that he loved it so much and thought it would be great for me to be among the members participating in a fantastic form of exercise. The class he attends starts at 6:00am so I grudgingly told him I would try it. That was 62 pounds ago.

I hated every single second of it for the first five weeks. I prayed every day of attending (three days a week) that I wouldn’t throw up or fall off the bike with a heart attack and die. I couldn’t stand up; my arms were not strong enough to hold me up to give my legs some relief and my legs couldn’t take the standing. It was truly awful. But I never missed a class and at the end of those five weeks, I could tell I’d gotten stronger and one day, I moved out of the saddle and was able to keep standing as we went through the entire class that day. I was thrilled and my enthusiasm grew exponentially. It’s been a year and a half now and I am a true Spinning convert. I look amazing in comparison and have so much energy and zest for living. I’ve been told by the club members that I am their inspiration and some have gotten up the gumption to start Spinning classes.

— Peggie M.

I was about 20 years old when I started having physical problems while playing handball. I was the goal keeper of the Ladies’ First team of my club. We trained four times a week and we trained hard. On Sundays we played our matches throughout the whole of Holland. At a certain time, my body was always sore. I had to see a doctor!

The general practitioner sent me to a hospital, where he could see what was wrong but couldn’t find a cause of the problem. I went to a rheumatologist, who also had difficulties defining my condition. It was almost four years later that they came to the diagnosis of rheuma of the muscles and tensions, also called Fibromyalgia. When I knew what my problem was I could start working on my recovery. Today I am past 40 and no longer a goal keeper, but I have found other sports to do. It took me two years after the diagnosis to recover as much as my body could.

For me Spinning is an important part of enjoying life. Spinning class gives me energy and I can sleep better after a ride. It also gave me new friends and the awareness that a person can go on doing great things. In 2009 I became a Spinning instructor, inspired by the vision and ideas of Johnny G. Someday I will become just as much of an inspiration to others as Johnny G is to me. I have spoken with Hans Hobbel about my wish to help other people dealing with their physical limitations through the Spinning program. I would like to be an example for everyone who thinks that their sporting life is over!

— Sonja K.


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