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Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Spinner® Bike

reasons to ride a spinner bike

By Michelle Colvin, Spinning® Master Instructor | United Kingdom On many of my Public Transport travels to Spinning® Instructor Certifications, Continuing Education or Events, I often engage in conversations with fellow passengers to pass the time. Once we reach the subject of “what do you do for a living?”, on saying that I teach Spinning Classes, their response is often statements ... Read More »

Set SMART Goals for Success

SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Based - key to achieving your goals

By Wendy Moltrup, MS, CHES Staying motivated and achieving change is easier when you set SMART goals — goals that are Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time-based1. For example, instead of the goal “I’ll exercise more,” we’ll turn this into a SMART goal. Specific Be specific about what you will achieve and why: My goal is to take a Spinning® ... Read More »

Natashia Iacovelli, Spinning® Master Instructor | Australia

Natashia.Iacovelli - Action

By Spinning Headquarters A member of the Spinning® community since 1997, Natashia is a passionate and energetic Spinning® Master Instructor. She has trained thousands of instructors throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand. She is a regular presenter at the annual World Spinning and Sports Conditioning (WSSC) Conference in Miami, Florida and numerous other Spinning® sponsored conference and related events throughout ... Read More »

The Science Behind Motivating Your Spinning® Classes

How to Keep Motivating Your Students

By June Chu, Certified Spinning® Instructor | New Hampshire, United States Motivation has been well studied and well researched by psychologists and still, as a fitness professional and a psychologist myself, I struggle to teach my students this important life skill. Why Locus of Control is Important A distinction made in the field of psychology, as it pertains to motivation, ... Read More »

Marketing Your Spinning® Program

Marketing Your Spinning Program: For Certified Spinning Instructors and Official Spinning Facilities

By Polona Gosar Rankovic, Spinning® Master Instructor | Slovenia Running a Spinning Program as a part of a facility is serious business. Preparing a yearlong, 52-week business plan can help you be successful. Here are some things to consider when putting your ideas to paper. Do you really know why your members return to your facility? Do you have a ... Read More »

Make Your Students Fall in Love
…With You

The Bond Between Spinning® Instructors and Riders

By Barbara Hoots Have you ever met someone and liked them instantly? You can’t explain why, but you immediately felt an emotional bond, a genuine and wholesome feeling of fondness and respect for this person. As a Spinning® instructor, you are more likely to have students follow you and never dream of skipping a class if they connect with you ... Read More »